Grae Meyer-Gleaves

Information Security & Infrastructure Manager, Wesley Mission Queensland

Grae Meyer-Gleaves has a Masters in Business Administration and has been working in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for over 20 years. Grae started his career in the Australian Army where he became a soldier and studied electronics & communications systems.

Since leaving the Army, Grae has held positions with some of Australia’s leading organisations such as Westpac, QGC – A BG-Group business, BoQ, Data#3, Brisbane City Council and Fortinet.

Grae’s major achievements include:

1. Implemented Risk Management Frameworks in multiple organisations;
2. Initiated and led a global data encryption project (whole disk & media) forming part of a Global Security Program;
3. Initiated, led and managed a highly secure and global certificate services solution deployment project;
4. Initiated and led a major information security campaign for employees which included creation of a highly professional film;
5. Led and managed a highly successful project to classify and protect data as per a newly created standard. The project involved multiple Terrabytes of data and involved every business unit in the organisation;
6. Managed a team of people in Australia and New Caledonia who provided critical ICT operational services to a large mine and refining operation;
7. Assisted in significant internal and external fraud reductions in multiple organisations;
8. Designed, implemented and maintained a holistic Information Security Awareness campaign for over 65,000 employees;
9. Enhanced Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery capabilities at a number of organisations;
10. Leadership & management teams of people during crisis.

Specialties: Management, technology, information security, cryptography, systems engineering, crisis managment, investigations, project and program management, strategy, architecture, sales, banking and finance, mining, government, retail, health and fitness, risk, business continuity and disaster recovery, presentations, public speaking.