Iain Hart

Head of Enterprise Technology Operations, Macquarie Group

Iain is an experienced IT professional with a career spanning more than 20 years working across a range of industries, including banking and financial services, retail, and news and media.

His passion lies in using technology to deliver quality, reliable service to clients and I’m focused on continuing to look for ways to drive improvements and efficiencies in the solutions we provide. He considers himself to be a motivated and dedicated member of the team, who works collaboratively with others across product, project and client service areas to provide strategic input on IT operations, helping to ensure we reach the best outcome for our clients and our business.

Being an effective leader is a key part of his role and an ongoing focus for him, therefore he dedicates significant time to mentoring and coaching those within his team and beyond. Iain manages a large team of people, both locally and remotely, which has assisted him to develop effective communications skills that can adapt to each situation, finding ways to encourage a diverse group of staff.

Ultimately, he believes in putting the client at the centre of what he does and that, to enable the company to learn and grow, understanding how an outcome is achieved is as important as the outcome itself.

Outside of work his interests are many, including music, 4WD off-road driving, playing and coaching baseball, and leading youth and kids programs.