Travers Stow

Chief Information Officer, Sigma Healthcare

Travers Stow graduated as a physiotherapist in 1981, spending 13 years in private practice specialising in orthopaedics and sports injuries. After completing an MBA in 1994, he made a career transition to corporate management, initially in bureau based mainframe cost accounting and payroll computer systems, before joining Perpetual Trustee Company in 2000 to integrate a newly acquired master trust superannuation business. In 2004, Travers joined Australian Unity initially as the Group Executive for Retail Services, later adding the Business Technology role to his portfolio. In 2009, Travers moved to Transurban Group as Chief Information Officer, responsible for technology across the Group’s corporate and tolling systems, overseeing the successful completion of a major new tolling system replacement project on Citylink in 2011. 2013 marked the beginning of two years at Energy Australia as General Manager Retail Technology, responsible for stabilising a new billing system implementation and completion of the acquisition and transfer of Ausgrid’s retail business. In late 2015, Travers took on the role of Project Director for Medibank’s Finance, Procurement and HR payroll systems replacement, leaving at the successful completion of systems integration testing to take up his present role as Chief Information Officer for Sigma Healthcare.